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Wondering what the 4D Lab is up to? Here are some recent publications and presentations reflecting our work. 

  • Glosenberg, A., Behrend, T., Tracey, T., Blustein, D. L., McChesney, J. E., & Foster, L. (in press). Evidence for “pushed out” and “opt out” factors in women’s career inclusion across the world of work in the United States. Journal of Career Assessment.

  • McChesney, J. E., Campbell, C., Wang, J., & Foster, L. (in press). What is in a name? Effects of game-framing on perceptions of employers.  International Journal of Selection and Assessment.

  • Noble, S. M., Saville, J. D., & Foster, L. (in press). VR as a choice: What drives learners’ technology acceptance? International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education.


  • Paul, S. C., Bartmann, N., & Clark, J. (in progress). Customizability in conversational agents and their impact on health engagement. Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies. Accepted – Round1.

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