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Welcome to the
4D Lab.

Work. Psychology. Technology. Development.


Led by Professor Lori Foster, the 4D Lab consists of researchers from the Department of Psychology at North Carolina State University.  Our research group is interested in how industrial-organizational psychology and emerging technology can be combined to improve opportunities to participate in the world of work in a meaningful and productive way.


We apply behavioral science to the world of work. We are convinced that human welfare can be fundamentally improved through work and organizations. Under the right circumstances, work can be a source of psychological as well as economic empowerment. A people-centered, evidence-based approach is needed to align the interests of workers, organizations, and societies in mutually beneficial ways.


Our efforts are closely linked with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which collectively focus on things such as poverty alleviation, gender equality, environmental sustainability, lifelong learning, and access to decent work and economic growth. As 4D Lab scientists, we are passionate about developing and applying behavioral insights to support the sustainable growth and development of individuals, organizations, communities, and the countries in which they reside.


Click here to watch a video of Lori Foster discussing the important synergies realized through teaching and research devoted to work, psychology, technology, and sustainable development.


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Why 4D? To us, 4D has a double meaning. First, it means “for development.” Our research group is interested in how industrial-organizational psychology and technology can be combined to promote sustainable development worldwide. Second, it represents the 4Dimensions of our lab: Work, Psychology, Technology, and Development. Our research studies are situated at the intersection of these four dimensions.


To improve human welfare through research at the intersections of work, psychology, information technology, and global development.


We envision a world in which:

  • Technology enhances our work lives.

  • Work improves our personal lives.

  • Our work and personal lives contribute positively to the world around us.


To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, the 4D Lab:

  • Recruits, trains, develops, and prepares top talent for careers in industrial-organizational psychology.

  • Designs, executes, and disseminates rigorous and relevant research.

  • Promotes fun and productivity through an atmosphere of positivity, openness, collaboration, hard work, respect, and creativity.


The 4D Lab supports the sustainable development goals

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If you would like to discuss research at the intersection of work, psychology, technology, and sustainable development, please drop us a line!

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